Monday, October 26, 2009

there are still moleskines moving....

it seems to be a little quiet in the exchange groups at the moment....summer has gone and winter gloom setting in....or for those on the other side of the world its spring time and there is more to do? It is a puzzle why things are so slow.........

I have been busy tidying my studio , and thought I would take the chance of recording the event ! so here is a shot of some moly action in my tidy ( seriously ! :-) ) studio

Friday, September 18, 2009

moleskine harajuku

moleskine harajuku
Originally uploaded by paintistworks
not quite complete....but I am so pleased with how this exchange has gone, I thought I would try a video :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Liu and James in Exposição "Atelier Subterrânea em Pelotas"

Exposição "Atelier Subterrânea em Pelotas"
"Série Devaneios" - 2009

A exposição “Atelier Subterrânea em Pelotas”, que abre dia 3 de setembro, quinta-feira, às 19h, reúne na Galeria de Arte do Instituto de Arte e Design da UFPEL, em Pelotas, a produção artística de Adauany Zimovski, Gabriel Netto, Guilherme Dable, James Zortéa, Lilian Maus e Túlio Pinto, integrantes do Atelier Subterrânea (Av. Independência, 745/Subsolo – Porto Alegre). Na mostra, os artistas expõem desenho, fotografia, escultura e vídeo. No dia da abertura haverá ainda uma conversa com os artistas, realizada às 17h.

Abertura: quinta-feira, 3 de setembro, às 19h
Conversa com artistas dia 3 de setembro, às 17h
Local: Galeria de Arte do IAD (R. Alberto Rosa, 62, Pelotas/RS)
Visitação: de segunda a sexta, das 9h às 11h30 e das 14h30min às 17h30min
Encerramento: 30 de setembro de 2009
Informações e visitas pelo email:

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Siddartha.Babii says:

Today i finally go out and sent the molys i kept for the last month and a half!
I 've decided to go to downtown and send them directly from the Postal palace, its a beautiful building, i think i will go now and then everytime i have to send a moly.
Well molyholics have fun!
Good news for Winnie, Alecia,Yoda,Gabi and Jen!
I have now another for my pin up exchange! this is going smoothly again i think!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Caught up

I am finally almost caught up with all the moly's I have been getting lately. Some groups are getting close to finishing while others are still chugging along and some are limping along. I actually now only have 3 moly's in hand and two of them are my own. Watch out group members they are coming your way!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The "Small " show.

Tim Clary says:

It was a real treat seeing the work up all the layering and the use of what appear to be cast-off doodles from other places. Marty, I'm wondering what kind of adhesive you use? I've got a UHU gluestick that I like but I sometimes wonder how it will hold up over time...

anyways, thanks again for sending on your book. It looks awesome!

These images are from the "Small" show at the High Falls Art Gallery  in Rochester, NY.

Notes from Marina (marin71)

One of my Flickr friends, Gustavo (Hannap," rel="nofollow"> to visit in Israel. We met in Tel Aviv for some sketching and chatting. I’m an admirer of his works and was so excited to meet him! It’s a huge difference between looking at drawings on the computer screen and holding a real sketchbook! We browsed through each other’s sketchbooks, found so much in common - things that only sketchers can see and notice. After that we made place for ourselves in lovely The Streets coffee shop, we got some food and started sketching. It was perfect, I enjoyed so much! Here you can see how beautifully he drew me. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am finally able to draw again!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moleskine Detour Exhibition, Istanbul

I'll be the only Moly-Xer at the Moleskine Detour Exhibition Opening tomorrow night— an art-filled show show of 50 artists' Moleskines and 30 Mollies from Istanbul Bilgi University, Domus Academy Milano-Roma and myDetour Berlin, held of course, in my fair city of Istanbul.

Detour is a travelling show of creativity contained within the covers of a Moleskine. I've been told that Istanbul City Moleskines were given to students at Bilgi University to fill with drawings, collages, designs and writings of their personal Istanbul. I can't wait to see all the artwork and I'm thrilled to be going to the opening. I'll be there with one of the talented participants, Aslı Aydın, writer of the übercool blog Trendiary, and Ilgin Yorulmaz, editor of the fabulous (and very useful!) Pukka Living, an online guide to unique and hip Istanbul.

The exhibition is being held at santralistanbul from May 22 through June 21,
open from 10 am to 8pm.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


See Remi's life and artwork @ .

Monday, May 11, 2009

A question

I have not seen molys with more than 3 additions in yet..... so my question is this; what media are the most successful? How do the books stand up to the travel and the opening and shutting etc . I have noticed that where I have used gouache the fold of the paper makes it crumble /go a little bald, the same happens with collage and on one book I worked in I noticed that the black ink was peeling from the page. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This Saturday I received my first piece of Molymail from Heidi on my new address in Brussels! I just had to show you my awesome mailbox and the way it gives me a preview of the goodness inside!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look what I got today!

Today I got a nice surprise from Marty— Gustav Klim's book for Moly-X29, the Rainbow Exchange. What makes 29 so different is that each artist picks a colour of the rainbow and can only create their piece using variations of that colour. Gustav is Yellow, Emma is Green, Marina is Blue, Marty is Indigo, I am Violet, Jill is Red and Yoda is Orange. It's a fun challenge, being limited to one colour. This book is one of the most spirited ones that has come my way— there's a freeness to the styles each artist has used so far. My work is generally pretty tight, so this is the perfect book for me to loosen up in.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Package Art

This is the last package I sent to Yoda.
It's the view from my window of the Bosphorus, which divides Asia and Europe in Turkey.

Click on the image to see the details.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exchanges and my own moleskines

These are the moleskines from the exchanges I currently have at home. There's one more somewhere in my room - mine for "Baba Yaga" theme, but I can't seem to find it. Today I wanted to send one, but we don't have postal service in Mexico at the moment, so it has to wait.

First one is for moly_x_69 The theme is Shakespeare’s works.
moly_x_46 The theme is “monsters”

I own 21 moleskines. Two were my dad's - one is for music -, but they are mine now.

Big ones are :
-3 plain sheets (one reporter style)
- 2 sketch
-2 watercolour.

The small ones are:
-1 adress book
-1 pocket one (I can't remember the name)
-1 for music
-1 squared
-3 plain sheets (one reporter style)
-5 sketch
-1 watercolour

A few years ago a friend of mine told me not to buy moleskine, but I didn't pay attention to her words, as you can see. Now I want one of those big A size... or two ;D

Check out this video.


The Mollies in My Life

I have five at my house right now, and several that I know of on their way to Istanbul, where I live. The top one is my book for Moly-X64, the Sequential Art Exchange, the middle three are all from Moly-X34 (mine is the fourth Moly down), the last one is the nearly complete Moly of Anna Denise from Moly-X13.

We at Moly-X13 are just about finished with our first books and plan on continuing our exchange with new books. I am particularly proud of 13 and 34 for not only the beautiful imaginative work that has been produced, but for our ability to keep the exchanges rolling. Of course, my having three books from 34 looks like a clog, but I'll be getting them out shortly to Chris— though one at a time for his sake!

Please click on the images to see them much larger.

Artists involved in these exchanges (alphabetically):
Laura Martin Ansa
Ramires Arte
Carlos Asencio
Emma Kidd
Chris Menice
Yoda Navarrete
Santiago Solís Montes de Oca
Anna Denise van der Reijden
Samantha Zaza

Monday, May 4, 2009

Folio Yo!

Just got my folio moleskine sketchbook. It's as big as my head! I have no idea what to do with but I just couldn't resist. I was thinking a "test drive" exchange maybe for those who are interested in getting one? Who knows give me ideas.
Here is a comparison of my moly and my head

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bird Moly

I have been wanting to find a way to decorate my moly cover. I cut away the first layer of the moly and then painted the bird red and gave it a coat of modge podge to hopefully protect it and keep it from rubbing away. I hope this mother works because its a nice way to decorate the book and i've tried paint pens that eventually rub off.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moly Madness

While this has been shared discussed over at flickr:

I thought I would also post it here for further discussion if it be so desired.
Keep in mind I am loving this whole exchange process and it has totally gotten back into drawing and helps keep me doing artwork when I can't photograph. I am finding great freedom and excitement with all of this. Also I went from having no books for a month to all of these within a month or so. Also three have been mailed off... and two more started.

It's even more awesome in person!!

Jennifer's moly arrived in the mail today. It is even more awesome in person! Now I am a little intimidated about adding to such great work. I do have an idea though.

Guess I need to get started...

Stacey D., moly_x_70

confessions of a new addict

I am such a newby compared to most of you.  I have only filled in 4 of my own personal molys'. I am in 8 exchange groups, but only have 1 of those books at home with me atm. No doubt they will all arrive in a huge day, but it has been very quiet, I would have 8 books a month if  the exchanges were like clockwork, so perhaps I should be glad its a little quiet :-) When the exchange books arrive I put them straight into my moly file box....if I didn't they would get lost very quickly as I am a very disorganised person
I have a stash of new, untouched books, including a book of pockets ( what on earth are they for? ) and the huuuuuge new size which is a little scary and will sit around for a while until I am brave enough.

Well thats my confession, I am looking forward to seeing some more 'hardcore' addicts photos :-))

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exhibiting moly_x

Tim Clary says:

Hi all,

A rather exciting opportunity has come up and I'm wondering if anyone would like to exhibit their Moly_x books? I'm submiting some collage works for the "Small" show at the High Falls Art Gallery here in Rochester, NY. In talking with Sally Winslow, the curator, I mentioned the Moly-X project and she was very interested in showing off some of the books. She said she'd be willing to put a display case up for the first weekend (or maybe the first full week of the show) if I wanted to show any of the books. The show opens on May 24th and I'd be willing to put in any books that you would like to show off. I promise to take good care of them and send them right back out into rotation after I get them back. I think this would be a great opportunity to showcase all our hard work! What do you think?

Send me a flickr mail ASAP if you'd like to get involve,

Tech problem. 100 member limit.

This is one of the reasons other site ask people to submit via another email address, I guess. Until we figure out something different, please email your moly_x_life stories and pictures to us at

Sorry that I had to uninvite all of those that I originally invited. I invited nearly 100 moly_x members when I ran into this problem. We have around 400 active moly members, so we had to come up witha different way to do this. My apologies. This is your blog. Ideas, comments and questions welcome.

Whole lotta molying goin' on.

These images are a little taste of moly_x_life. Please share pics and stories of your studio life. Show us how you work on your moly_x_entries. Show us how many books you have at your house now. Show us your new A3 moly. Show us where you are traveling with your moly. This is all about the life in and around moly_x. Invite us to dinner for the meal you drew in the food moly.