Thursday, April 30, 2009

confessions of a new addict

I am such a newby compared to most of you.  I have only filled in 4 of my own personal molys'. I am in 8 exchange groups, but only have 1 of those books at home with me atm. No doubt they will all arrive in a huge day, but it has been very quiet, I would have 8 books a month if  the exchanges were like clockwork, so perhaps I should be glad its a little quiet :-) When the exchange books arrive I put them straight into my moly file box....if I didn't they would get lost very quickly as I am a very disorganised person
I have a stash of new, untouched books, including a book of pockets ( what on earth are they for? ) and the huuuuuge new size which is a little scary and will sit around for a while until I am brave enough.

Well thats my confession, I am looking forward to seeing some more 'hardcore' addicts photos :-))

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  1. these are aweosme!! I love to see people with their moly and journal collection, 'cause they`re just so inspiring.

    I only got two my personal moly fulled, I really should start working harder huh