Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moly Madness

While this has been shared discussed over at flickr:

I thought I would also post it here for further discussion if it be so desired.
Keep in mind I am loving this whole exchange process and it has totally gotten back into drawing and helps keep me doing artwork when I can't photograph. I am finding great freedom and excitement with all of this. Also I went from having no books for a month to all of these within a month or so. Also three have been mailed off... and two more started.

It's even more awesome in person!!

Jennifer's moly arrived in the mail today. It is even more awesome in person! Now I am a little intimidated about adding to such great work. I do have an idea though.

Guess I need to get started...

Stacey D., moly_x_70

confessions of a new addict

I am such a newby compared to most of you.  I have only filled in 4 of my own personal molys'. I am in 8 exchange groups, but only have 1 of those books at home with me atm. No doubt they will all arrive in a huge day, but it has been very quiet, I would have 8 books a month if  the exchanges were like clockwork, so perhaps I should be glad its a little quiet :-) When the exchange books arrive I put them straight into my moly file box....if I didn't they would get lost very quickly as I am a very disorganised person
I have a stash of new, untouched books, including a book of pockets ( what on earth are they for? ) and the huuuuuge new size which is a little scary and will sit around for a while until I am brave enough.

Well thats my confession, I am looking forward to seeing some more 'hardcore' addicts photos :-))

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exhibiting moly_x

Tim Clary says:

Hi all,

A rather exciting opportunity has come up and I'm wondering if anyone would like to exhibit their Moly_x books? I'm submiting some collage works for the "Small" show at the High Falls Art Gallery here in Rochester, NY. In talking with Sally Winslow, the curator, I mentioned the Moly-X project and she was very interested in showing off some of the books. She said she'd be willing to put a display case up for the first weekend (or maybe the first full week of the show) if I wanted to show any of the books. The show opens on May 24th and I'd be willing to put in any books that you would like to show off. I promise to take good care of them and send them right back out into rotation after I get them back. I think this would be a great opportunity to showcase all our hard work! What do you think?

Send me a flickr mail ASAP if you'd like to get involve,

Tech problem. 100 member limit.

This is one of the reasons other site ask people to submit via another email address, I guess. Until we figure out something different, please email your moly_x_life stories and pictures to us at

Sorry that I had to uninvite all of those that I originally invited. I invited nearly 100 moly_x members when I ran into this problem. We have around 400 active moly members, so we had to come up witha different way to do this. My apologies. This is your blog. Ideas, comments and questions welcome.

Whole lotta molying goin' on.

These images are a little taste of moly_x_life. Please share pics and stories of your studio life. Show us how you work on your moly_x_entries. Show us how many books you have at your house now. Show us your new A3 moly. Show us where you are traveling with your moly. This is all about the life in and around moly_x. Invite us to dinner for the meal you drew in the food moly.