Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's even more awesome in person!!

Jennifer's moly arrived in the mail today. It is even more awesome in person! Now I am a little intimidated about adding to such great work. I do have an idea though.

Guess I need to get started...

Stacey D., moly_x_70


  1. Thanks! It's my parents - and how my blog got it's name. There are 8 of us living here. I grew up here (we moved to this house when I was 3yo) and my sons (12yo & 4yo) are growing up here - they are even going to the same Elem., Jr. and High schools that I went to.

  2. These days, that seems so rare and wonderful. I know about living in a packed house, but not with my parents. There have been times when the four of us and two greyhound dogs were in our small bathroom at the same time, the only bathroom in the house. It does have its charm.