Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tech problem. 100 member limit.

This is one of the reasons other site ask people to submit via another email address, I guess. Until we figure out something different, please email your moly_x_life stories and pictures to us at

Sorry that I had to uninvite all of those that I originally invited. I invited nearly 100 moly_x members when I ran into this problem. We have around 400 active moly members, so we had to come up witha different way to do this. My apologies. This is your blog. Ideas, comments and questions welcome.


  1. Is such a shame there's a limit for members, but hey, Marty, if you need some help around let me know. I'll be glad to help :)

  2. No worries!
    You've got my help too.

  3. Feel free to redo the banner. Something delightful.