Thursday, February 24, 2011

MolyXers in Minnesota!

I had a wonderful time in Minnesota over the last few days with Claudio and Marty Harris (our gracious host and the founder of our incredible project). It was a bit surreal meeting these guys for the first time, yet knowing them so well from was much more like seeing old friends rather than people I’d never met in the flesh before.

Talkin’ Moly_X with Marty at MCBALast night we had a wonderful Q&A session with Roz Stendhal’s Visual Journal Collective at the Moly_X exhibit at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. The ladies were all very enthusiastic and several have already expressed interest in joining the fun.

Working on Nicole’s book at Marty’s house with ClaudioSadly I was not able to finish Nicole’s book in time to send it off with Claudio today (Too much fun with ‘The Band’ as Claudio was calling us). But I will get it done before I skip town.

I encourage anyone within driving distance of Minneaopolis to try and stop by the MCBA show before it comes down on March 6th. It’s truly inspiring to see so many of these amazing books up together at once.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

moly_xhibit @ MCBA in Minneapolis

This as a splendid evening for me. Good friends, beautiful artwork, lovely venue, wine and food, made this a very special evening. Thank you to all who participated, and for all of you who make moly_x possible. Congratulations to all of you. Next stop, moly_xhibits in Brazil & Belgium.

Look at brothers Marty and Claudio.