Monday, May 11, 2009

A question

I have not seen molys with more than 3 additions in yet..... so my question is this; what media are the most successful? How do the books stand up to the travel and the opening and shutting etc . I have noticed that where I have used gouache the fold of the paper makes it crumble /go a little bald, the same happens with collage and on one book I worked in I noticed that the black ink was peeling from the page. 


  1. I find inks and pencils work the best, but gouache and acrylics work really well too. I think just about all of my stuff is in inks and gouache, and it has held up really well so far.

    Paint will chip and papers will rub, but that's part of the whole thing, I think it adds to the beauty of the artwork. What makes Moly-X so wonderful is that a book has travelled the globe and been in the hands, pockets and bags of so many different people. The wear and tear shows this better than anything.

    If you want your work to hold up better, I suggest spraying it with a clear fixative, this is what I do with all my work. Also, you could do a thinner coat of paint on the fold or use a marker in a similar colour.

  2. I do repairs with moly's cahier paper, It is thin and matches the standard moly paper pretty well. I use super 77 spray adhesive to collage images and to make repairs. I am a little bit of a slob, so I have learned to live with tattered edges and other wear and tear. I like to think of it as part of the design.

  3. I must agree the wear and tear seems to be a natural thing for this type of project and I think it adds character to the book. Pages can always be scanned to preserve them for archival purposes.