Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Mollies in My Life

I have five at my house right now, and several that I know of on their way to Istanbul, where I live. The top one is my book for Moly-X64, the Sequential Art Exchange, the middle three are all from Moly-X34 (mine is the fourth Moly down), the last one is the nearly complete Moly of Anna Denise from Moly-X13.

We at Moly-X13 are just about finished with our first books and plan on continuing our exchange with new books. I am particularly proud of 13 and 34 for not only the beautiful imaginative work that has been produced, but for our ability to keep the exchanges rolling. Of course, my having three books from 34 looks like a clog, but I'll be getting them out shortly to Chris— though one at a time for his sake!

Please click on the images to see them much larger.

Artists involved in these exchanges (alphabetically):
Laura Martin Ansa
Ramires Arte
Carlos Asencio
Emma Kidd
Chris Menice
Yoda Navarrete
Santiago SolĂ­s Montes de Oca
Anna Denise van der Reijden
Samantha Zaza


  1. Truly! Thanks for sharing.

    Now we have to start thinking about how to archive some of these. I would love to have good digital copies of some books for quick access to quality reference, for exhibitions, to show off the project/promotion, etc..

  2. I think that would be a great idea. I am hoping to get my good scanner from SF and bring it back to Istanbul with me. Hopefully it won't be a problem, then I can at least get some good scans of the books that come my way.

  3. I always have hi res scans of all the books that come to me. and stitch them together within photoshop. I would gladly scan books for the group in hi res. I think having a good quality archive is a good idea.

  4. Such incredible wealth of creativity - it's like a treasure trove! I really loook forward to the exhcange I'm in getting to the point where the books I get have a whole line of entries preceding mine.
    (I'm in the portrait exchange #4)

  5. It really is an amazing thing when you get your book back and it's full of beautiful art.