Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exchanges and my own moleskines

These are the moleskines from the exchanges I currently have at home. There's one more somewhere in my room - mine for "Baba Yaga" theme, but I can't seem to find it. Today I wanted to send one, but we don't have postal service in Mexico at the moment, so it has to wait.

First one is for moly_x_69 The theme is Shakespeare’s works.
moly_x_46 The theme is “monsters”

I own 21 moleskines. Two were my dad's - one is for music -, but they are mine now.

Big ones are :
-3 plain sheets (one reporter style)
- 2 sketch
-2 watercolour.

The small ones are:
-1 adress book
-1 pocket one (I can't remember the name)
-1 for music
-1 squared
-3 plain sheets (one reporter style)
-5 sketch
-1 watercolour

A few years ago a friend of mine told me not to buy moleskine, but I didn't pay attention to her words, as you can see. Now I want one of those big A size... or two ;D


  1. You have a very nice collection there as well. The only Moly's I have are from the exchange and the big one. It's nice to see everyone else's collection. I better catch up

  2. Fantastic!
    21 is a lot of gorgeous artwork ;)