Friday, June 26, 2009

The "Small " show.

Tim Clary says:

It was a real treat seeing the work up all the layering and the use of what appear to be cast-off doodles from other places. Marty, I'm wondering what kind of adhesive you use? I've got a UHU gluestick that I like but I sometimes wonder how it will hold up over time...

anyways, thanks again for sending on your book. It looks awesome!

These images are from the "Small" show at the High Falls Art Gallery  in Rochester, NY.


  1. 3M Super 77 spray adhesive. Love the stuff.

  2. Thanks Marty! There's a few more pics at my flickr page for those that haven't seen them yet. Also, the show is up until July 11th so check it out if you're in the Rochester area.

  3. Look Great Tim!! I still wish I could see the whole show in person :)) Thanks for promoting all of us!!! I'll let the next artist in line know that he will be getting my moly back shortly after the 11th. :))

  4. Hey, Tim. Did you send my book back yet? Haven't seen it.