Monday, January 17, 2011

moly_xhibit Setup

A couple signs and some labels and it will be up and running. It may appear small, but this show represents more than 40 artists.


  1. Cool Beans Marty Harris!

  2. Meaning Marty is a cool bean? Thanks Marty, looks very nice. (not the insipid type nice).

  3. Some day when we are either speaking face to face, or over the phone, or...sometime when I don't have to type a long story, I will tell you how my two grownup children came to call each other "Beans", as in, "Hi, Beans." , and "Where've you been my Beans?" I am not Beans. I am "Shutup, Dah."

    ....and probably not in a Harris household sort of way where the word "nice" could mean just about anything accept what it means.

    ....and thanks you two.

  4. So exciting! Document the heck out of this!!!

  5. Oh wow Marty!
    This is so amazing.
    Thank you so very much!